Independent Noise Experts

Cambridge Noise Consultants Ltd - an independent noise consultancy for services in noise as a statutory nuisance, noise for planning, occupational health and local government issues.

Cambridge Noise Consultants Ltd is an independent consultancy of professional noise experts.  Our consultants have a wide range of experience with local government, business and academic research.  Our services offer a comprehensive understanding of all noise related issues for public bodies, private businesses and individuals.

Planning and Nuisance

Assisting the development of a site, assessing potential or existing noise impact, developing noise control measures or standing as an expert witness in court or an inquiry.

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Noise surveys

From background noise surveys to noise impact assessments using BS4142, BS5228 and other standards for assessment.  Specialising in industrial noise, construction and demolition, waste recycling and many other areas of noise.

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Noise at work and occupational noise

By undertaking an assessment from us you will be complying with the full requirements of the 2005 Control of Noise at Work Regulations.

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Noise mapping

Software-assisted calculations for the assessment of accurate noise mitigation measures such as acoustic barriers and better site layout design.

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The team

At Cambridge Noise Consultants Ltd we employ experienced experts who are members of the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health (CIEH) and the Institute of Acoustics (IoA).  Our consultants have many years of experience working in Local Government and provide advice and guidance to other businesses and public bodies.

We work very closely with the long established and well recognised environmental health consultancy MAS Environmental Ltd and will commonly call on MAS to assist with our work.


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