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Planning and Statutory Nuisance

Cambridge Noise Consultants Ltd is an independent consultancy, providing expertise in statutory nuisance to both public local authorities and to private companies.  Our consultants have many years of experience working in local government environmental health departments, in creating and assessing enforceable abatement notices and helping to resolve difficult situations.

Planning, like environmental health, is administered by your local council. Where there are noise issues the planning officer will consult an independent consultancy such as ourselves. We are contracted to advise a large number of local authority planning and environmental health departments on a wide range of issues and our consultants regularly provide expertise at planning inquiries.

Noise surveys

Whether it is a background noise survey, a noise impact assessment or BS4142 assessment, Cambridge Noise Consultants offer these services using industry standard sound level equipment and with many years of experience our services are trusted by local authorities and private individuals.  Our consultants are experts in the application of guidance and legislation providing the most detailed reports and we also are regularly asked to provide independent analysis of other noise impact assessments and cases. 

We conduct noise surveys nationwide and this sometimes involves leaving equipment on site to measure for longer periods to gain a better understanding of the noise environment. To minimise risk of impact, it is necessary to demonstrate that the “best practicable means” or if the premises has an Environment Agency environmental permit “appropriate measures/best available techniques” have been undertaken to reduce noise.

Noise at work and occupational noise

Employers have a duty to protect their staff from occupational noise following the requirements of the Control of Noise at Work Regulations.  The aim of an occupational noise survey is to assess the amount of noise or sound to which employees are exposed whilst in the work place. 

Cambridge Noise Consultants Ltd are a group of qualified acoustic professionals and regularly undertake noise surveys to establish whether action needs to be taken in accordance with the Regulations. We use industry standard sound level meters to assess noise in the work place. Our consultants will provide feedback on existing measures in place to reduce risk and will recommend any necessary changes, providing expert advice on matters such as the appropriateness of hearing protection, noise reduction methods and other requirements of the Regulations.

Our reports can be used to demonstrate compliance to employees and the regulators and help avoiding claims of work related hearing loss. By undertaking an assessment from us you will be complying with the full requirements of the 2005 Control of Noise at Work Regulations.

Noise mapping

Noise mapping is a useful tool for predicting the potential impact of noise sources and effective methods for controlling noise and reducing sound to acceptable levels.  Our consultants use advanced modelling software to assist the analysis of many cases, surveys and assessments including for planning and nuisance. We are experts in the guidance and standards behind the modelling and understand the accuracy and reliability of the results.


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